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Connecting with your community

Connect and socialise

We know positive social support can improve our capacity to cope with stress.

While many people are turning to social media to connect with their networks and community, there are a range of creative opportunities to help us stay connected.

  • Assist people in your life and community who may be more vulnerable - A note can be put in letterboxes to offer assistance with delivering groceries, collecting medicines, dog-walking, meal delivery, running errands or having a chat. Showing kindness to others not only helps them but can also increase your sense of purpose and value, improving your own wellbeing.
  • Make a phone call to check in with your friends, family, and neighbours regularly (especially those with no access to the internet or who cannot easily use the internet to shop online).
  • Set up a gratitude tree – where every member posts a message, sends an email or sends a text to other members to share something they are grateful for.
  • Find a buddy to set daily challenges with, check in daily to stay motivated; these could include a healthy habit, a mindful practice or a creative pursuit.
  • Set dates and times to watch the same TV show or movie with someone and message each other your thoughts along the way.
  • Join your local community centre’s social media pages. This will keep you up to date with what’s going on directly around you and may offer ways to participate in community connection opportunities such as a ‘community/neighbourhood rainbow’ on your front fence or in a window.
  • Visit Neighbourhood Connect to discover ways to stay socially connected with friends, family and our neighbours.


FriendLine gives anyone who would like the opportunity to have a friendly, casual chat with an experienced volunteer. Conversations can be about anything and everything and volunteers will talk about themselves as well as listen.

The service is free and anonymous, and available everyday 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm. The South Australian phone number is 08 7078 6229 or free call 1800 424 287.

FriendLine is not a crisis service. For support in a crisis contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Connecting through your local council

Councils are offering a variety of services or programs in order to create opportunities for people to participate in the life of the community.

Connect with your local Community Centre for local activities and services. Find your closest Centre or visit the Community Centres of SA Facebook page for more details about upcoming events.

Find out what is happening in your local area by visiting your council’s website: find your council through the Local Government Association.

Libraries SA

Reading keeps us learning and continues to develop our brain. SA library customers can use any public library across SA with a single card, providing convenient access for the whole community to the entire public library collection so you’ll never run out of a good book. Visit the Libraries SA website to search for your next favourite or contact your local library.

You could also explore ways of growing your skills. Having a library membership gives you access to 4000 free and easy to follow video training courses for software, animation, music, business, marketing, design, IT, photography, using the web & more. See the range at and access from the Libraries SA website.

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