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Connecting in nature

Nature gives us joy on so many levels. Spending time in nature, or ‘green space’, is a great way to reduce your stress levels, improve your concentration and generally help you to feel happier.

Wellbeing benefits

Public green space such as parks, trails and other public green spaces have never been more important. Some people in urban areas, apartment precincts and smaller houses, don’t have the luxury of outdoor space. Parks, public gardens and other local green spaces are vital for health and wellbeing. Particularly in urban areas, even small ‘doses’ of green space are beneficial.

Tips to getting out in nature:

  • Explore SA parks for daily exercise, walking dogs, and spending time in nature.
  • Visit a local park with friends and family to stay active and healthy.
  • For children, nature and green space are exciting places full of magic, learning, adventure and fun. There are many ways that children can interact with nature; a daily walk to the park, learning how to grow things or playing a game in the garden are just a few examples. Here are 20 ways for families to connect through nature.
  • Get walking. Step outside and take to the streets and local shops around your home. Walking can reduced car traffic, resulting in better air quality and less noise, making local streets safer and more usable for residents.
  • Look for ways to add more greening at home, on balconies and in your backyard.
  • Contribute to a citizen science project in the great outdoors. Citizen science involves public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge.

For more ideas

For more ideas, visit the websites or social media pages of National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia, Trails SA, Walking SA, and Healthy Parks Healthy People SA.

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