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Budget friendly recipes

Although our budgets may be tight, eating well on a limited budget can be done. The following recipes are budget-friendly, nutritious and most of all, delicious.

Tips for finding healthy recipes

When looking through recipe books, online recipe sites or other sources of inspiration, use this quick checklist to help you find the healthier recipe options.

Look for recipes which are based on:

  • fruits and vegetables (fresh and cooked)
  • lean meats, chicken, fish or legumes
  • rice, pasta noodles, breads and cereals (preferably wholegrain).


  • are lower in fat, particularly saturated fat
  • contain only a moderate amount of added sugar
  • use lower salt (sodium) ingredients.


Eat well videos

Wellbeing SA, CSIRO and Dietitians Australia have partnered to inspire you to cook quick, healthy and cheap meals. You can find these videos and recipes, including ingredient lists, methods and nutritional information below.

Eating well - making the most of lentils

Queensland Metro South Hospital and Health Service

The nutrition team at the Metro South Hospital and Health Service (Queensland) have put together some budget-friendly, nutritious recipes:

Dietitians Australia

Dietitians Australia have compiled a collection of Accredited Practising Dietitians approved budget-friendly recipes.

Why not try:


The team at LiveLighter have a great collection of healthy, budget-friendly recipes. Check out some of the pantry staple recipes including:

Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation have a great collection of recipes which use foods from the 5 food groups:

Cook well, eat well

VicHealth and Nutrition Australia, have partnered with over 25 community organisations to develop these recipes using pantry staples to create delicious, family friendly recipes.

Community multicultural recipes

Wellbeing SA supported Multicultural Communities Council of SA to showcase some tasty multicultural meal ideas. You can find the cooking videos on our YouTube channel and if you are inspired to make them yourself, the recipe cards can be downloaded below.

Food from our Homeland – Italian polenta salsiccia

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