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2021 SA Billion Steps Challenge

On 1 October 2021, we kicked off the second SA Billion Steps Challenge.

South Australians stepped up and achieved the goal of 1,000,000,000 steps in only 35 days – 29 days faster than last year!

While we may have reached our goal of one billion steps, there are still plenty of ways to stay moving.

We know every step counts and the more we move, the more health and wellbeing benefits we reap.

Billion Steps Challenge

You did it!

South Australians have worked together to reach our goal of one billion steps in only 35 days. The Billion Steps Challenge may be over for 2021, but we have plenty of ways to keep you moving
Day 35

What can I do now the Billion Steps Challenge is over?

There are plenty of simple, easy and free ways to stay active:

Keep using the 10,000 Steps app

  • Logging your steps every day keeps you aware of how active you are, and keeps you accountable.
  • You can log all types of physical activity on the 10,000 Steps app, as well as setting exercise and health goals and tracking your progress.
  • Love a bit of healthy competition? You can set up more tournaments with your friends, family and workmates.
  • You can sign up for challenges that let you explore a different city every month, choosing the journey that suits your activity levels.

Check out the resources on the Wellbeing SA website

Get out in nature

Further information

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