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Services and support for Aboriginal people

There are a range of services and support networks that are culturally appropriate and respectful available to the South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

The Aboriginal Services Directory has compiled a list of some of the services available to Aboriginal people in South Australia.

If you know of a service for Aboriginal communities in South Australia that could be listed here, please send your suggestion to the Wellbeing SA Aboriginal Health Promotion Team for consideration.

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services are located state-wide and are designed to meet the health and wellbeing needs of Aboriginal people in their respective communities.

Aboriginal Family Support Services

Aboriginal Family Support Services (AFSS) play a key role in ensuring that the importance of culture, country and connection for all Aboriginal people is adhered to in relation to child welfare and protection, as mandated in the Aboriginal Child Placement Principle.

​AFSS’ main services include Family Based Foster Care and family reunification services (Stronger Families) which are offered in all regions, while other services are region-specific.

Visit the Aboriginal Family Support Services website for more information.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is committed to contributing to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet has great resources to keep you informed.

AnglicareSA Aboriginal Services

All South Australian Aboriginal people can access the support services offered by AnglicareSA as well as the specific services and programs that provide culturally appropriate support to Aboriginal people.

Baptist Care SA Aboriginal Services

Baptist Care SA has a range of services for Aboriginal people, including youth mentoring programs.

Council of Aboriginal Elders of SA Inc Aboriginal Kinship Program (The Grannies Group Program)

The Grannies Group consists of Aboriginal grandparents advocating on behalf of their children and grandchildren on issues that affect the South Australian Aboriginal community.

SA Health services for Aboriginal people

SA Health has a range of Aboriginal-specific services across the state as well as community health services.

SA Government resources for Aboriginal people

The SA Government website has a list of services for Aboriginal people including arts and culture, education, housing, health and family and more.

Tiraapendi Wodli

Tiraapendi Wodli is an Aboriginal Leadership Group in Port Adelaide and was formed in 2018. A Tiraapendi Wodli Hub has been established to provide a place for Aboriginal families to access the information, social and cultural support and services they need.

Tumake Yande Aboriginal Elders Group

Tumake Yande means taking care of the old. Aboriginal Elders living on Ngarringderi Lands play a vital role in maintaining the culture and social customs, and the wellbeing of all families living in the region.

Turkindi Inc

Turkindi Inc is the Aboriginal Information Network Association of SA.


Wellmob provides social, emotional and cultural wellbeing online resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Aboriginal Liaison Unit

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital has a small team of liaison officers who visit all Aboriginal inpatients at the Women's and Children's Hospital. The liaison officers act as advocates for the inpatients, making sure their medical, practical and cultural needs are met.

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