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Aboriginal children and early years

It is important Aboriginal children and young people are connected to, and strong in, culture. All children thrive when they feel loved, safe and connected to their friends, family and culture.

Supporting all South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to lead healthy and happy lives is a priority for Wellbeing SA. Supporting children is essential to building a strong foundation for them to be ready for school and providing opportunities for success throughout their lives.

Some children are naturally more resilient, confident and able to deal with life’s ups and downs better than others. Supporting Aboriginal children to spend time with family, practice their cultural beliefs and learn about their history will help them feel strong, safe and proud of who they are and their language, culture and community they come from.

Providing a happy, stable and healthy life in the first 1000 days, from pre-conception through to two years of age, is critical as it shapes a child's development, wellbeing and belonging. In these early days, children are learning new things every day and learning to communicate, play and form strong bonds with their parents/carers and families.

There are range of Aboriginal playgroups, children’s centres, kindergartens and other community groups that support Aboriginal parents with young children.

Here is a list of fun and engaging resources that has been developed to help children and young people connect to each other and culture.

Aboriginal news sources

  • ABC Indigenous is a specific subsection of the ABC that brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories from around Australia.
  • National Indigenous Television (NITV) is a channel made by, for and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


  • Follow ABC Indigenous on Spotify to find different playlists featuring Aboriginal artists or listen to Triple J Unearthed* who feature some of the most up and coming Aboriginal singers and songwriters.

*Please check for explicit content warnings before letting little ears listen.

For the kids

  • Jarjums is the NITV programming dedicated to children.
  • Little Yarns is a co-listening podcast series for pre-schoolers. Ideal for families listening together at home or as a listening resource in early learning centres, Little Yarns explores the diverse languages, stories and countries of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.
  • Early Words has compiled a list of recipes for playdough, goop and slime for kids to make at home. Follow these easy instructions and let the fun begin!

Play and learning activity ideas for Aboriginal children

  • Sing nursery rhymes in language.
  • Hop on bikes or go for a walk and explore your Country and community.
  • Story-telling early, even while pregnant.
  • Play and learning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents video acknowledges the importance of singing, playing, reading and drawing with children and demonstrates fun ways to spend time and form strong bonds.

The Raising Children website has information guides, videos, mobile apps and tools to help parents, carers and children learn together.

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