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Suicide Prevention Plan

Wellbeing SA is working with the Premier’s Council on Suicide Prevention to develop South Australia’s next Suicide Prevention Plan – in partnership with the community. Reducing the number of suicides in South Australia is a high priority for the state government, which has a Premier’s Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Community Resilience.

In May and June 2021, we sought feedback from the community and our stakeholders on what will make a difference in preventing suicide in our state. In September 2021, we released a summary of what we heard.

The Transilience Tree

The Transilience Tree artwork depicts a child whose gaze is firmly fixed on a tree. Behind, a plant uncurls, while the right hand cups another. The tree canopy offers shade, while also fruitfully budding a bird in flight – a yellow bird of hope. The child’s legs are connected in the earth, demonstrating the inherent connection nature provides for the wellbeing of humanity. The artwork incorporates a series of small circles or dots to create the artwork to send a message that everyone is valued and important in the tapestry that is a healthy community.

The artwork uses the Wellbeing SA colour palette to depict the organisation’s dedication to the ongoing support of healthy and vibrant communities.

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