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Suicide prevention networks

Wellbeing SA is proud to support South Australia’s Suicide Prevention Networks, which are a key element of the South Australian approach to suicide prevention within the community.

A Suicide Prevention Network is formed through a collaboration between Wellbeing SA, local government and the community. There are currently 42 networks established across South Australia, in metropolitan, regional and rural areas, and this number is increasing.

Collectively, the networks form a broader statewide network which increases connectivity and provides an opportunity to share learnings and build stronger networks.

Community based suicide prevention is a community led response to raise awareness, increase conversations and breakdown the stigma associated with suicide.

Passionate community volunteers work to promote hope, wellbeing and social connection. The actions of the Suicide Prevention Networks recognise that we all have the ability to recognise distress and respond with compassion.

The networks help members of the local community to find ways to get the supports they need. You don’t need to be an “expert” to make a real difference, just by being yourself and becoming involved you might just save a life.

The volunteers who make up each network know their communities well and bring a diversity of life experience. The community approach recognises that communities are best placed to identify local issues, create local solutions and deliver the important message of life promotion.

Each Suicide Prevention Network is unique and establishes its own identity through the development of a logo, vision and mission that is promoted within the local community.

Wellbeing SA supports networks to develop an action plan that aims to reduce stigma, raise awareness of prevention, increase community connections and provide education and training for the community.

If you would like to read more about how you can help your community develop a suicide prevention network, please contact us via email:

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