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Healthy parks healthy people

The updated Healthy Parks Healthy People SA Framework 2021 - 2026 focuses on seven action areas including:

  • physical activity in nature
  • realising the mental health benefits of contact with nature
  • cultural value of Country for Aboriginal health and wellbeing
  • supporting community health and wellbeing in a changing climate
  • contributing to nature education and improving childhood development
  • protecting and improving green infrastructure in urban settings
  • fostering biodiversity, conservation and human health.

Scientific evidence shows that spending time in nature is good for us – it improves our physical and mental health and it has positive effects on our ability to concentrate, learn, solve problems, think critically, and be creative.

We know that not everyone is able to access parks as easily as others. So, we are working together to ensure that more people can access more parks, more often. This means thinking about parks in their broadest sense – from large national parks, through to small, urban green spaces. We will work to address some of the known barriers to park use, including accessibility.

Healthy Parks Healthy People SA emphasises collaboration across the health and environment sectors and more broadly, to implement innovative approaches to health and wellbeing. This framework is designed to act on the evidence and take advantage of the opportunities that exist in South Australia to help people connect with nature.

The launch of the refreshed framework follows the renewal of the Public Health Partner Authority Agreement between Wellbeing SA and the Department for Environment and Water (DEW), which underpins this partnership approach. The updated framework builds on the successes of the original framework, acknowledging the collaborative efforts of the health and environment sectors to help more South Australians benefit from contact with nature; making contact with nature, second nature.

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