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Aboriginal projects in the community

There are currently many projects in our South Australian communities. For example:

Raukkan – Play Space

The Raukkan Community Council in partnership with Raukkan Aboriginal School is developing a cultural play space for children and youth that meets the physical and social needs of young people, using elements and practices that reflect traditional Ngarrindjeri culture.

The fabrication process of the cultural play space is offering skills development opportunities, through workshops and mentorships, for young people and interested community members in traditional skills such as knotting, weaving and woodcarving.

Bike SA - Bikes Palya

Bikes Palya is a remote bicycle education programme for kids and communities in the APY Lands provided by Bicycle SA’s. Palya means “good” in Pitjantjatjara. Bikes are Great.

COTA - Strength for Life

The Strength for Life program promotes health and well-being amongst people 50+, and 40+ for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, through strength training programs by accredited fitness providers.

The program encourages older South Australians to attend strength training sessions by promoting the benefits of strength training.

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