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Our work

Wellbeing SA’s work centres on creating a balanced health and wellbeing system that supports improved physical, mental and social wellbeing for all South Australians.

Our work spans all areas of prevention; promoting physical, social and mental wellbeing and the prevention of risk factors in people who are well, identifying people who have risk factors or early onset illness to support mitigation, cure or management, and ensuring that people who have a disease can receive the best care, close to their home and community.

Wellbeing SA’s work is focused on three priority areas – the early years; mental health and wellbeing and suicide prevention; and chronic disease, integrated care and injury prevention.

Explore more about our approach to delivering our work in the pages below; from our use of a population health approach, to how our priority focus areas and strategic enablers are shaping our work.


  • Our approach

    Wellbeing SA is a new state government agency, established to deliver a renewed focus and action on prevention. Our goal is to lead the system change required to support health and wellbeing and embed prevention across the life course.
  • Healthy places and people

    Wellbeing SA is working to support all South Australians, promoting wellbeing and preventing risk factors in people who are well. Learn more about our range of projects and resources.
  • Early years, children and young people

    Wellbeing SA is working to ensure South Australian children and young people have the best start in life. Learn more about our range of projects and resources.
  • Mental health and wellbeing

    Wellbeing SA actively engages with the SA community to co-design and develop projects and strategies that respond and work to improve community mental health and wellbeing. We manage the SA Government’s bushfire Mental Health Project...
  • Screening information for providers

    Wellbeing SA implements a range of initiatives to maximise early detection and prevent risk factors from progressing into disease.
  • Integrated care

    Wellbeing SA is improving access to community-based models of integrated care and promoting health and wellbeing to improve outcomes for all South Australians. See details in the following pages.
  • Partnerships

    With partnership being one of our four strategic enablers and core to our mission, we are able to increase the reach and impact of our work to support health and wellbeing and create a more balanced health and wellbeing system.

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