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Data requests

In the interest of enabling evidence based action to support health and wellbeing, Wellbeing SA’s Epidemiology Branch responds to data requests regarding the various data collections under our custodianship. This includes requests for aggregated data tables, bespoke reports, data linkages and statistical analyses.

Submitting a data request

All data requests should be sent using the form below.

Upon receipt, the team will provide initial assessment of the request and be in touch to determine next steps. If ethics approval is necessary they will discuss this with you, see more details below.

Your name

Please enter your email so we can get in touch.

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Ethics approval

Please be advised some data requests will need ethics approval prior to supply and that this is a requirement for all requests concerning unit record data and/or data for research purposes.

The team will advise if the request requires ethics approval. Wellbeing SA’s data collections are governed by the Department for Health and Wellbeing Human Research Ethics Committee.

More information

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