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Evidence and data

Wellbeing SA is leading and enabling evidence based action to support health and wellbeing across South Australia.

Our agency’s Epidemiology Branch coordinates ongoing statewide monitoring and surveillance activities and is the custodian of significant data collections concerning the health and wellbeing of the South Australian community.

We respond to requests for data, evidence and evaluation services to support the delivery of prevention activities, health planning and program delivery. We contribute ongoing data to support state and national reporting and provide summary reports of our analysis along with insights to the health and wellbeing of the South Australian community.

Find out more about this work:


  • Wellbeing Index for South Australia

  • SA Population Health Survey

    The South Australian Population Health Survey (SAPHS) is a statewide survey, collected monthly, and is the main source of information on population health within the state. The survey contributes ongoing data and is publicly available...
  • Population Health Survey Module System

    The Population Health Survey Module System (PHSMS) is a service available to support the collection of population health data regarding the health and wellbeing of the South Australian community.
  • South Australian Cancer Registry

    The South Australian Cancer Registry supports surveillance of trends in cancer incidence, mortality and survival within SA, as well as insight into affected populations and risk factors for cancer.
  • Pregnancy outcome statistics

    The Pregnancy Outcome Unit undertakes statewide monitoring of pregnancy characteristics and outcomes to identify population groups most at risk, determine preventive interventions and support the health and wellbeing of SA families.
  • Data requests and ethics applications

    Find out about requesting data extracts, bespoke reports and unit records from the Wellbeing SA data collections. Some data requests will need ethics approval prior to supply, more information is available here.

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