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Strategy and plans

Our agency’s work is guided by the Wellbeing SA Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

Wellbeing SA Strategic Plan 2020-2025

The Wellbeing SA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 was released in August 2020 and outlines our agency’s vision and five year goal, to lead the system change required to support health and wellbeing and embed prevention across the life course.

Development of the Plan was informed by more than 250 contributions from community members, non-government organisations, public health stakeholders and state and local government agencies, including through participation at workshops and written submissions.

The Plan provides a framework to support and enable a significant change in the policy and planning environment for prevention and wellbeing in South Australia. It also aligns with other existing statewide prevention policies and plans such as the State Public Health Plan 2019-2024.

Throughout the duration of the Plan, Wellbeing SA will focus on the Priority Focus Areas of:

  • the early years
  • mental health and wellbeing and suicide prevention
  • chronic disease, integrated care and injury prevention

Implementation of the Plan is underpinned by a population health approach and a series of enablers including partnerships with the community and other stakeholders to achieve improved health and wellbeing outcomes for South Australians. You can read more about our Priority Focus Areas, our approach and our enablers under Our work.

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