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Join Wellbeing SA and the South Australian Mental Health Commissioners at this year's Festival of Now.

Held at Wauwi (Light Square, Adelaide) on Friday 8 October, the event is a celebration of mental health, creativity and inclusiveness that challenges stigma and promotes community connection.

Attractions at the festival will include:

  • live music and performance
  • free food
  • arts and crafts
  • games
  • animals
  • face painting
  • chill-out zone
  • mental health and wellbeing information stalls

The Festival of Now is a positive event that not only brings all facets of the sector together but provides an opportunity for collaboration and cross-promotion, broadening the understanding of mental health in the community.

In 2021, the Festival of Now committee has selected the event theme “Celebrating Our Stories” because we believe that sharing and listening to each other’s stories—in whatever unique form they take—is key to building empathy.

Learn more about the Festival of Now:

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