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Ways to celebrate and connect with friends and family, no matter where they are

If you have friends and family in different places this holiday season, here are four ways to help you stay socially connected.

1. Schedule it in

Set up a regular time to video call or send messages to family and friends throughout the day. You could host a happy hour where you eat a meal at a particular time together or schedule in birthday celebrations to sing and cut a cake with your loved ones virtually.

2. Start a social media group

Join or set up a social media group for your friends and family and post daily. Try these topics as conversation starters to get everyone involved:

  • Share daily jokes or funny YouTube videos
  • Start a photo challenge and share photos of your surroundings, like your garden or your pets
  • Share photos of what you’re cooking each day and swap your favourite recipes

3. Plan a virtual movie night

Schedule a ‘Tele-party’ and watch the same movie or TV series at the same time as your friends online. Find an online streaming service that synchronises video playback and has group chat functions to host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties.

4. Write a letter

Now is the perfect time to connect the ‘old fashioned’ way through a written letter. This can be especially fun for kids to connect with friends and family by drawing a picture or signing their name on a letter or a card, and asking for the family member or friend to write back.

Being socially connected to others helps to promote good overall health and wellbeing. Positive relationships and connections enrich our lives, help us deal with difficult situations and support us to achieve our goals. We need to connect often with our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours in meaningful ways to help keep us happy, healthy and well.

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