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How you can add a short walk into your day

Taking a walk is an easy way to be active and it also provides a break from the rush of daily life. You can choose how long, or short your walk is – every bit counts. Here are a few ideas for fitting a short walk into your day:

  • take a stroll in your neighbourhood or walk around your local oval
  • go searching for local street art (check out this map!)
  • walk to your local shops or community event
  • walk and talk – make a phone call while you walk or catch up with a mate for a walking date
  • go for a walk while listening to your favourite podcast or audiobook
  • explore a local park or check out a nature play space with the kids
  • get off public transport a stop (or two) early, or park the car further from your destination
  • take your dog for a walk. Don’t have a dog? Ask to borrow a neighbour’s!
  • check out Adelaide’s best pram walks and take your baby along with you.

Even a short walk can make a big difference to your day. Why not start with 10 minutes today?

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