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How to fit walking into an already busy life

Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day… juggling all of life’s commitments across work, family and friends can be tricky!

The good news is there are easy ways we can move more in our regular day-to-day activities, including through walking. Any amount of walking and moving is better than none. Can you include any of these ideas into your day?

  • park further from the school at school drop off and/or pick up, and walk the rest of the way
  • exit the bus, train or tram a stop earlier when commuting to work. If you are driving, park further away (this could also help you save money on parking by finding a cheaper car park or free street parking)
  • if you can, take phone calls while standing up, organise a ‘walking’ meeting, or instead of sending an email, find your co-worker and tell them yourself!
  • take a 10-minute walk around the block after lunch or between tasks to clear your head
  • include a walk while catching up with friends and family – you could take a walk and stop along the way for a picnic, walk along the coast or river, or pick a café or restaurant you can walk to
  • walk around the oval, pitch, or practice area while your kids play sport. You can still watch while also increasing your own health and fitness
  • watching TV? Walk on the spot during the commercials or dance with your kids – see how fast those steps add up!

Even a short walk or burst of activity can make a big difference to your day. Is today your day to start moving more?

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