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Entertaining the kids at home during the school holidays

The school holidays provide an opportunity for family time, to have a break and have some fun. Keep children and young people physically active, busy and entertained with these budget-friendly school holiday activities.

1. Set up a dance party

Get the kids up and dancing, by playing some music on the radio or you could create your own music using pots and pans. If you have children who might prefer a structured dance lesson, you can search for children’s dance videos on YouTube or try our guided Dancing for Children or Dancing for Pre-Schoolers routines. This will get them moving and burn some energy!

2. Cook up a storm

Bring the kids into the kitchen and involve them in preparing nutritious snacks or even a meal for the whole family! Including kids in cooking develops important life skills, builds their self-confidence, and encourages them to try new foods. Start with basic jobs, like setting the table, washing fruit and vegetables or adding ingredients into a bowl and slowly build up to more complex, age appropriate tasks such as cracking and beating an egg. For some easy recipes suitable for kids, check out these Kids in the Kitchen videos.

Children should always be supervised in the kitchen by an adult.

3. Get creative outside

Head outside and guide the kids through an outdoor activity to keep them busy through imaginative play. You could try:

  • taking old kitchen bowls and cups outside with some sand, playdough or uncooked rice/pasta and mixing up imaginary pies, soups and cakes
  • gathering leaves and sticks to create a collage or mask using poster paper and glue or string
  • giving the kids some chalk and letting them create their own art on the pavers or walls
  • encouraging them to play chasey, tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, catch or any other game you can think of!

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