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Dressing for winter walking

During the winter months, it’s easy to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry. But don’t let the cold weather stop you from being active outside. If you dress for the conditions, it’s amazing how warm and motivated you’ll feel for walking.

Here are some tips to dressing for walks in the winter weather:

  • dress in layers: multiple light layers with a wind proof outer layer can help keep your body insulated (and you can remove layers as you warm up)
  • cover your ears, hands and head: heat escapes quickly through these extremities, so cover up to stay warm longer
  • check your shoes: wear closed-in footwear during wetter weather – having dry feet will keep you comfortable
  • wear bright colours or reflective strips: if you’ll be outside when its darker, be seen by drivers, cyclists and other road users to keep safe

It’s time to rug up this winter, and get outside! Start with as little as 10 minutes today to experience the wonders of walking.

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