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Governance and reporting

On 6 January 2020, Wellbeing SA was proclaimed as an independent government agency attached to the Department for Health and Wellbeing. Wellbeing SA was established as a distinct agency in order to provide independence to lead the cross government and cross sector strategies required to rebalance the health and wellbeing system in South Australia and lead a renewed focus on prevention.

Wellbeing SA reports to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, the South Australian Parliament and the public about its performance through the Wellbeing SA Annual Report.

As an administrative unit, Wellbeing SA is an independent agency for the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 and has reporting obligations under the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987 (s23 financial statements to the Auditor General) and the Public Sector Act 2009 (annual report).

Wellbeing SA Annual Report

Wellbeing SA’s Annual Report is a comprehensive source of information that captures the accomplishments of our agency including performance and outcomes against objectives, and corporate performance indicators.


  • Public interest disclosure

    Wellbeing SA supports the endeavours of the South Australian Government to improve transparency and accountability by ensuring that proper procedures are in place for making and dealing with the disclosure of public interest information.
  • Freedom of information

    The Freedom of Information Act 1991 gives members of the public a legally enforceable right to access information held by the South Australian Government. See below list of publicly available Wellbeing SA determinations.
  • Open government proactive disclosure

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 1991, members of the public are legally entitled to access certain information help by Wellbeing SA. See reports from the last 12 months.

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